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None of these images are mine. I don’t claim them as mine. And if they are mine, I probably didn’t design whatever is featured in the image, so that’s not mine either.

Having said that - enjoy all the preppy things. Be inspired.

Additionally, if you would like source information on anything you see here, send me a message (not anonymous, because I can’t respond), and I will do my best to research where the product came from and get back to you.

The reason I don’t automatically source everything is because I post at least 32 images a day. I don’t mind providing sources for specific items when requested (via “Ask”), but to locate the source for every single item (most of which are either requested or found on sites like Pinterest), would take hours upon hours.

I work full-time and sing professionally on the side, so “hours and hours” of work on a blog that I created strictly for enjoyment isn’t really an option. Fortunately, I only get requests for sources for about 1 in every 8 of my posts - I DO have time for that. So, please - if you see a dress that you’re DYING to own, let me know, and I will do my very best to track it down for you. :)

And, finally. If you see an image that is YOUR IMAGE, please, please, PLEASE send me a message requesting for it to be sourced. I am, in no way, trying to take credit for anything posted on this page, and am more than happy to source for those who want it. As I said earlier, most of the images I post have been re-posted, re-posted, and re-posted again, so the original credit has been completely wiped away.